Let’s Make Some Noise…

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be involved and enveloped in sound, although it was always music. As a child I would spend most evenings with my mother and listening to her vinyls. As time past I further expanded what I listened to through my brother and my friends, then began playing guitar and attempting to write songs.

After high school I decided to take a course in sound engineering, believing it would simply be useful knowledge to have to record my songs and my band (at the time being with some of my very good friends in Hereford). It was only a matter of weeks into the year-long course at the Herefordshire College of Technology that I started falling in love with the process of recording music and the history, technologies and techniques behind it. So it was then decided that if I couldn’t be a full-time musician, maybe I could try to be a full-time studio engineer or producer

The desire for furthering my knowledge lead me to doing an undergraduate degree in Derby – while there I got the opportunity to try my hand at mixing sound for live gigs. From there I went on to the Masters course that I am currently finishing at Edinburgh Napier University. During this course I got my first hands-on experience of working on the sound for films…and I fell in love yet further with sound.

My first out-of-class (but still part of an assignment) experience was to do location recording, ADR/foley recording, and dialogue editing for an student film, written and directed by Ralph Smith, called Arrears (sharing all roles with, fellow student and friend, Neil Steven). In September, I also worked as the boom-operator for the final 2 days of shooting of another student short film called Killing Time (written and directed by Fiona Johnston). A few months ago I got involved with (my old band-mate from Hereford) David Jones and co. at Wind-up World Films to work as sound designer (and location recordist for one day) on their latest short film: Men Can’t Make Beds. At the same time as teaming up with Wind-up World Films, I was taken on to create sounds for, new mobile-phone game development company, 4th Wall Games‘s first game: Droggon Attack – this is now available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

From all this, I now have a huge desire to do more sound for film work. Men Can’t Make Beds is currently in post-production, so I am busy working away on that. I have also recently been brought on-board for another student project, an original TV show pilot episode, called Hollow Village (written by Derek Smith, and directed by Ian Vaughan Jones) – this is currently in pre-production and will begin shooting in less than 2 weeks. Also, after my experience with 4th Wall Games, I would love to do more with creating sounds for games…and I would still like to be involved in music.

With this blog I plan to keep a record of the work I am doing with sound – whatever aspect of it that might be. We shall see. Here’s to entering new territories once again…


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