A Quick Update

Hello there! Just thought I’d give a quick update about what I have been up to since my last (and first) post…

Men Can’t Make Beds is still ongoing. Another day of shooting took place on the 29th October for pick-up shots, which means the final cut of the film is currently being put together (including VFX). While the visual side of it has been progressing, I have been keeping busy fleshing out the sound design – this has mostly meant recording foley, which has included flicking an elastic band at the shock mount holding the microphone, being found in my kitchen amongst my equipment with the microphone aiming at a cupboard door, and recording the sound of screaming while gagged (OK, this is ADR not foley) – see the pic below:

Hollow Village is at the tail end of shooting – in fact, November 15th it was it’s 11th day of filming. Most of the footage has been captured, with possibly only one or two more days left. I have been working for most of the days as the location recordist with help from Derek Smith (the writer of the project) and Andrew Campbell, both of whom has assisted on days when I have been in attendance and taken over when I have not.
Most of the days have used rather standard techniques with a boom microphone and radio microphones – the only acception (so far) being on the evening/night of November 9th, when a place for the boom couldn’t be found for recording/filming interior car scenes and the solutions included using the one radio microphone at hand at that time on one character, placing a handheld Zoom recorder on the dashboard, and (later) taping the radio microphone to the ceiling of one of the cars.
This project should enter post-production next week, while some video editing is already taking place.

When I have time I plan on doing a post (or a few posts) to discuss some of what I have done in terms of foley recording and creating sound effects. Both projects mentioned above are currently full-steam ahead and there is a chance that there is more on it’s way, but that is for another time.


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