Lost Key Games presents: Cubey

Everyone, please welcome the first game to be release by Lost Key Games:

Those who have been keeping up with my blog may already be aware of a project I have been involved in for Lost Key Games, called Betrayal’s Wings. Around the time I started my break away from my sound work, this project got put on hold and ideas were being thrown around for something new to work on while waiting for things to pick back up with Betrayal’s Wings.

This lead to the development of this time-based puzzler. Essentially, the player controls a cube and has to navigate it through 30 levels, dodging obstacles and using jump pads, lasers, etc. It has already been developed for Mac and PC, but there are also plans for it to be released for Android and iOS in the future.

The game is set to be released tomorrow (9th July, 2012) at 20:30GMT*, and will be available to purchase on Desura by clicking the button below. All details about this game, demos, and videos can be found at it’s Indie DB page.

Desura Digital Distribution


* EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances the release was been delayed until the 11th July.


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