Men Can’t Make Beds

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and other.

It has been approximately 6 months since my last post on here, but I would like you to know I’ve not completely disappeared. Actually, I have returned with big news about one of my projects – Men Can’t Make Beds has been completed!

For those who may not have read my previous posts about this project, it is a short comedy film by Wind-up World Films. It was filmed in mid-2011 over three days, and has now taken about a year and a half to finish. This sounds like a long time for an (approximately) 8 minute film, and it is. Sadly, progress was stunted due to various people’s other commitments and unforeseen circumstances. But it has been completed nonetheless.

Now is the time for Wind-up World Films to look into the future. For Men Can’t Make Beds, the first official public screening of the film has been arranged to be at the Borderlines Film Festival (March 2013). In other news, along with several music video projects, they are now planning their next short film. They have uploaded a post discussing all of this (click here).

I am planning to go back over the work I did for this project and put together a post detailing some of the interesting parts (or, at least, what I found interesting). Fingers crossed it won’t take me another 6 months to post on here. Also, toward the end of next month (clue?) I’ll finally let leak what I was working on in Edinburgh for one evening in December 2011.


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