A Release and a Small Secret Revealed

Men Can’t Make Beds

I have a few announcements I just wanted to get out into the public domain, and two of the three relate to Men Can’t Make Beds. Firstly, on Monday 11th March, Men Can’t Make Beds made it’s premier screening as part of the Borderlines Film Festival, at the The Courtyard in Hereford. This was a huge deal for all involved as it was a project that ran for about 18 months, and for some/most people involved in the project it was the first time having work shown to the public (at all, or at least in such a fashion).

Personally, the first film I worked on was screened at a cinema as part of a showing of students’ work – this was completely different, and nerve-racking, because it was the first project that I had done 100% of the audio post-production work. I couldn’t help but listen intently to the audio track, waiting for a mass of problems. I was quite relieved to find that there weren’t any glaring mistakes, and I relaxed all the more when people started to laugh (at all the right moments, I might add). It was also rather strange to hear such a round of applause afterwards, but it’s a feeling I think I could easily get use to.

The second announcement is that on the day following the premier, director David Jones released the film to the public! You can find it by following the link HERE or, to make it even easier, you simply watch it below:



At the start of 2012 I made mention that I had some involvement in a film project, and that I wasn’t allowed to leak any information about it until the film had been released. Well that time has come, and so below I shall give you a small clue:


If you didn’t get it, the film was indeed: Cloud Atlas. I do realise it was released last year in the US, and in February here in the UK – with the restriction given to making anything public, I decided to wait a little longer after the UK release before doing this.

Now, I want to make my involvement clear, because I simply don’t want to sell myself on false assumptions. Fiona Johnston (director of Killing Time) was contacted via a UK production company and asked to make a small clip of a news report – this was asked of several filmmakers around the UK, with the idea of only a select few being included in the final feature. So, sadly, I didn’t get to work with the main filmmakers but to get the chance to do something for such a big project was still amazing, as were the team Fiona put together for the making of our clip. When I can, I’ll put out the time within the film where our clip features.

The filming of our clip took several hours during the evening of a very cold December day in Edinburgh, and I was brought in as Boom Operator. Ross Buchanan, of whom I worked alongside for Killing Time, was also present as Sound Recordist.


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