Contamination Europe (tbc)

This is a PC/Mac game that is being independently developed by msGameDevelopment, along with a team brought together over the internet. It was originally created (by Markus Schüler) as a pen-and-paper style, role-playing game – this can be found here. The game is currently in production. Find the official website here, and the official Facebook page here.

Contamination Europe is an action-RPG, set in 2154; post-apocalyptic Germany. The player will have to navigate the wastelands in search for equipment and food, deal with factions of people with their own agendas (i.e. Wasteland Tribes, Bandits Clan, Trade Union, Panzer League), and choose between being good or evil.


Markus Schüler – Team Leader / Game Design / Concept Art / Level Design / Translation
Baseone* – Lead Programmer
Jona* – Programmer
Xeon* – Programmer
Pau Cano – 3D Artist / Texture Artist / Programming
Satzende* – 3D Artist / Texture Artist
Rik Rijkers – 3D Artist / Texture Artist
Sullivan Wang – 3D Artist / Texture Artist
eisobax* – 3D Modelling / Texture Artist
Ilias Mouhit – 3D Modelling / Texture Artist
svensvensson* – Organic Modelling / Animation
Capekall* – Music
Kurt Willoughby – SFX Designer

* denotes internet aliases



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