4th Wall Games – Independent mobile phone games developer.
David Gregory Jones – Writer and director.
Game Dev North – Game developer meet-up for the North-West of England.
Leigh William Jones – Film producer and graphic designer.
Lost Key Games – Independent games developer.
Running With Scissors – Independent games developer, known for the ‘Postal’ series.
Wind-up World Films – Herefordshire-based filmmakers.


Audio Cookbook – Sound design blog.
Audio Geek Zine – Sound design and sample library zine/blog.
The Audio Spotlight – Website dedicated to music and sound for film and games.
Blessed are the Noise Makers – Garry Taylor’s game audio blog.*
Colin Hart’s Sound Bistro – Sound design blog.*
Creation Kit – Tutorials and information on Bethesda‘s game development engine.
Designing Sound – Sound design blog. – Film sound articles archive.
Game Audio 101 – Sound and music for games.
Game Audio Hour – A podcast for game audio professionals.
Game Audio Podcast – A podcast for game audio professionals.
Game Sound Design – Sound design for games resource.
Java Sound Resources – Useful information regarding audio programming with Java.
Jean-Edouard Miclot – SFX recording and sound design blog.
Learning Wwise – Graham Gatheral’s Wwise tutorials.*
Pro Sound Effects – SFX blog.
Pure Data Manual – A manual from Floss Manuals on using Pure Data.
Samuel Justice – Sound design for games blog.
Social Sound Design – Sound design Q&A community.
Sonic Terrain – Sound design blog.
Sound + Design – SFX and sound design blog.*
The Sound my Head Makes – RenĂ© Coronado’s sound design/field recording blog.*
SoundWorks Collection – Game/film sound design and music composition video blog.
UDK Sound Explorations – Graham Gatheral’s UDK blog.*
Unidentified Sound Object – Sound-for-film, music and sound design archive.

Sound Libraries

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone – Libraries sold at a price of your choosing.
Arrowhead Audio – Sample packs at affordable prices.
AuralScope – Sound packs sold at a price of your choosing.
C. A. Sound, Inc. – Coll Anderson’s libraries.
Echo Collective – Unique sound libraries (plus some free collections).
FreeSFX – Free individual sound effects, uploaded by the users (read the terms!).
Freesound – Free individual sound effects, uploaded by the users (read the terms!).
Hiss and a Roar – Tim Prebble’s sound effects libraries.
The Hollywood Edge – Large collection of sound effects libraries.
JordanFehrFX – Sound effects libraries.
NewSound Lab – Sound effects libraries.
PacDV – Free individual sound effects.
Rabbit Ears Audio – Sound effects libraries.
The Recordist – A huge collection of sound effects libraries.
SFX Source – Sound effects libraries (plus some free sounds available as mp3s).
Sonic Couture – Sample libraries for Kontakt and EXS24.
Sonic Salute – Sound effects libraries.
Sound Ideas – Sound effects and music libraries.
Sound Jay – Free individual music tracks and sound effects.
Sound Snap – Sound effects libraries.
Sound Transit” – Free field recordings (read the terms!).
SoundByter – Free individual sound effects (read the terms!).
Takoma Media – Sound effects libraries.
Twisted Tools” – Instruments, effects, and sample libraries.
Wavesfactory – Sample libraries for Kontakt, EXS24, AU, and VST.


Audiokinetic – Home of Wwise game audio implementation middleware.
Basehead Inc. – SFX database and other tools.
CryENGINECrytek‘s game development engine.
Eclipse – An open-source programming software.
FMOD – Game audio implementation middleware.
Gamebryo – Game development engine.
GameMakerYoYo Games‘s drag-and-drop style game development engine.
GoldWave – Audio editor.
Havok – Creators of several programs for the development games.
Java JDKOracle Technology‘s Java development kit.
Microsoft XNA Game Studio – Game development engine.
KontaktNative Instruments‘s popular sampler.
Pure Data – Real-time graphical programming tool.
SoundForgeSony Creative Software‘s popular audio editor.
Soundhack – Independently developed AU, VST, and RTAS plugins (including some free treats).
SunBurnSynapse Gaming‘s game development engine.
Unity – Game development engine.
Unreal Development KitUnreal Technologies‘s game development engine.

* = Website currently live but inactive.


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