Men Can’t Make Beds (2013)

This is a short film from Wind-up World Films, shot in July 2011 over three days. This project was completed at the end of 2012, and shall be having it’s first festival screening in March 2013. The official trailer can be viewed below, while the full film can be found here.
Find the official page here, or the Facebook page here.



“Men Can’t Make Beds is the story of a young man named Jay and his inability to make his own bed (and his subsequent battle with the bed sheets), which leads him on a bizarre journey. It is a short slapstick science-fiction adventure comedy (or SLAP-SCI-FI-AD-COM) film. It will be no longer than eight minutes in length and will be shopped around short film festivals and comedy film festivals.”


David Jones – Writer / Director / Co-Producer
Leigh Jones – Producer
Kazimierz Szostak – Director of Photography
Ben Turner – Location Recordist / Co-Producer
Kurt Willoughby – Location Recordist / Sound Designer



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