Below you will find lists of project in which I have been involved, each linking to a page giving further information about the project itself and the role I took in it’s production. Each list is in the order of when I got involved, going from most to least recent. You will also notice parenthesis after the project title – this either indicates when the project was deemed completed and/or released to the public, or that it is yet to be completed.

NOTE: This may not show all projects I am currently involved with as I am sometimes asked to keep them out of the public domain until an allocated time.

Undisclosed Title (tbc)
Undisclosed VR Title (tbc)
Eternal Damnation* (tbc)
POSTAL 1 Redux (2016)
Fallout 1: The Story * +
POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost (2015)
Contamination Europe +
Cubey (2012)
Droggon Attack (2011)

* indicates the project is a mod
+ indicates the project was cancelled


Stop/Eject (2013)
Men Can’t Make Beds (2013)
Under the Surface (2012)
Intern (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Hollow Village (2012)
Killing Time (tbc)
Arrears (2011)


Lost Telegrams – Lost Telegrams EP (2011)


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