POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost DLC (2015)

POSTAL 2 was released in 2003 and quickly became surrounded in controversy over it’s violence and dark humour, but despite this gained a cult following. Over 10 years later, POSTAL 2 found it’s way onto Steam; finding it’s way back into the lives of those of whom had enjoyed it originally, and bringing on new fans to the series. Wanting to give something back to those that continued to support the game and newcomers alike, Running With Scissors decided to develop new content for POSTAL 2 – this became Paradise Lost. The expansion is currently available for PC via Steam and Green Man Gaming, with Mac and Linux versions planned for the near future.

Paradise Lost is set 10 years after the end of the previous POSTAL 2 expansion: Apocalypse Weekend. The Postal Dude finds himself waking from a 10-year coma and having to explore Paradise for his lost dog, Champ. During this time, the town has been shrouded in nuclear fallout, causing strange weather zones over various areas, and has lead to the forming of several factions – most of which the Dude will have to seek assistance from in order to find his beloved pooch.


Jon Merchant – Project Manager / Game Design / Cinematics / Level Design
Rikki D’Angelo – Lead Design / Cinematics / Level Design
Rick Foltz – Programming / Cinematics / Level Design
Bob Richardson – Modelling / Level Design / Cinematics / Animation
Vince Desi – CEO / Game Design
Mike Jaret-Schachter – Game Design / Sound Production
Tom Wiseman – Modelling, Level Design
Jonathan ‘Tyler’ Hart – Modelling / Level Design / Cinematics
Francisco ‘Wolfer’ García – Modelling / Level Design / Cinematics
Michele Bellone – Modelling / Animation
Kurt Willoughby – Sound Design / Level Design
Simone ‘Sim’ McDerrmot – Art / Texturing
Gordon Cheng – Programming
Erik ‘ErikFOV’ Rossik – Modelling / Level Design / Cinematics
Julian Wellbrock – Art / Level Design / Cinematics
Andrew Faecke – Art / Texturing



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