Under the Surface (2012)

This is a student project by the same people behind Hollow Village, and is another TV-show pilot. The story revolves around a cult who believe the world will end on December 21st, 2012, and are making preparations in an attempt to survive. Then problems arise when it a co-founder of the cult disappears, and it appears questionable that the remaining founder is an innocent party in the disappearance.


Caroline Mathison – Laverne
Dayle Teegarden – Bruce
David J. Spence – Marcus
Alan Ireby – Malcolm
Vijay Kritzinger – Valerie

Derek Smith – Writer / Script Supervisor
James Russell – Director
Cathal O’Friel – Assistant Director
Ian Vaughan-Jones – Producer
Piotr Kowal – Cinematographer
Jack Fox – Runner
Farhad Mohammadi – Runner
Kurt Willoughby – Location Recordist


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